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Did you know there are MANY people with your exact same name?

It's true! Just do a quick search on LinkedIn or Facebook to see for yourself. And once somebody buys this domain name, it is unlikely it will ever be available again.

Imagine what you can do with your domain name:

  • Security - Make sure your personal name is the first thing anyone sees when they type in your name. Drive down negative information online that might be affecting you. Eliminate cybersquatters that might want to do you personal harm.
  • Rights to your name – Like any trademark, logo, or brand name, your personal name is a part of your personal life – something friends, clients and business partners can perceive, recall, value and remember you by.
  • Simplicity – With your name, access to you on the World Wide Web turns into a basic matter of entering It is easy to find individuals simply by remembering their name. Likewise it adds authenticity on your business cards or any other place you wish to use it.
  • Credibility – Having your personal domain name extends an expert picture of you and your organization. New customers will convert quickly based on this added credibility.
  • Business Email - Use it for an ultra-personal email address! You can create as many different email addresses as you'd like using your domain.
    For example:
  • Portability – This is the one domain you can use for all of your businesses and relationships, you can take with you wherever you go.
  • Create - Make a simple personal web page with your contact information so your friends or business colleagues can easily get in touch. You could list all your contact points, like your Facebook profile, Twitter account, Instagram, email address, anything you want.

Everyone needs to own their personal name as a domain!

Why Own Your Personal Name as a Domain?

Once you purchase this domain name, as long as you own it, nobody else can use it. It's yours and yours alone.

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*** Remember, only ONE person can own this domain name.
You are purchasing directly from the domain registrar, so your payment is safe and secure.
You will be given full ownership of this domain name immediately.

You can then say... Find me at

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